5 ways to convert pdf files into excel

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How to convert a pdf file with table into editable excel

Over few years pdf (Portable Data Format) has became one of the most popular format for exchanging data. Lets say you got a mail from your friend with a list of material you have to buy for him. The list is in pdf format and you need to include some extra stuffs with it. What you should do now? Here comes the solutions. I’ve described 4 ways by which you can your desired result

  • Copy Paste

The simplest way to make a pdf file into excel is just opening it in pdf reader, copy and paste in excel documents. However this always not work and may take long time to modify for larger files.

  • Onedrive

Among Microsoft lover’s or other windows users, onedrive is popular for storing data as well as transferring documents. You will be happy to know that this feature can be used to convert & edit pdf file into other format such as excel.¬† However some after-processing or modification may require. Here is a demonstration for you –


  • Using Office Packages

Similarly you can do this by using MS Word and Excel. Just open the pdf through word and copy-paste it into a new excel file (Some adjusting may be required). Have a look-

  • Using 3rd party apps

There are many software that can extract pdf data to many¬† other format. You can search for those. Some of these software’s are paid and works great. Able2Extract is a popular one and which provide a seven days trial.

  • Using online services

The last but not least way is to use a online file conversion service. There are numerous sites out there. Search & have a try. This way though table is ok in excel, titles and other data may be displaced and require some adjustments.

Thanks for your patience. If you have any better alternative methods, feel free to share with us. You may also use the comment sections for sharing your difficulties or improvement suggestions for us.

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